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Infants & 1-year-olds

We provide of our community families a safe and healthy environment with certified caregivers to promote the optimal development of physical and cognitive growth.

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2 Year-Olds (Preschool)

Our purpose is to support and reinforce the independence your 2-year-old exhibits by providing fun and challenging activities.

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Child Care Programs for 3K & 4K

Our 3K & 4K classrooms are designed to help your child make significant developmental gains, like communication and working both independently and in groups.

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Before & After School

Our School Age Program includes options for before school, after school, early-release days and days that Kenosha schools are closed, including Winter and Spring Recess.

What We Do

Extended Love Child Development Center

An Extension of Love From Home to School

Our goal is to provide a home away from home for children in our care.

To accomplish this, the Center places an emphasis on a homelike atmosphere, with periods of instruction so that your child will develop an interest and enthusiasm for learning. We try to alternate periods of structure with periods of independent choice to offer a wide variety of opportunities to develop both self and social growth.

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The Importance of Play

Never underestimate the value of a child’s playtime. Play allows children to explore at their own pace. It allows opportunities for developing imagination, social interaction, independence, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, problem solving, language, and so much more.

Social & Fun

Social & Fun

“Goal-oriented planning” introduces new concepts and strategies to kids. Teachers can introduce these aspects while the children only think they are playing!

Open to All

Open to All

Our child care center is nonsectarian and nonpolitical. No child is excluded from service because of race, color, sex, ethnic origin or religion.

Caring Staff

Caring Staff

A good teacher is one who can motivate and steer children and provide them with opportunities to learn, without them even knowing it! Our staff cares for every child like they were family.

Qualified Teachers

Qualified Teachers

Many of our teachers have associate degrees in early childhood. We employ students of several universities around the area, many of whom are working toward teaching degrees and nursing degrees.


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Dedicated Child Care Professionals in Pleasant Prairie

Finding Quality Child Care: Staffing Is Key


Whether you choose a nanny, a nursery school, a commercial site, a privately funded center, a Head Start, a Montessori, or any other early childhood provider, quality is key for optimal growth and development. Every family must make these choices and find one that suits their family’s needs. Each child is unique and many thrive in different environments.

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