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Extended Love, The Best Childcare in Pleasant Prairie


If you are looking for a wonderful state-of-the-art childcare center in the Pleasant Prairie area, Extended Love Child Development Center is the place for you! Having served the area for over 30 years, we are highly trained and skilled in childhood development. We offer programs for children 6 weeks old through 4k. We also provide before and after-school options for school-aged children. We understand how important it is to provide the best care possible for your children while you are busy at work. Our staff shows their love for children through the care provided. You can feel safe and assured that when your children are at Extended Love they are in great hands and will be treated as if they are one of our own.

Our Extension of Love

At Extended Love our philosophy is that children learn through play. Our professional staff work diligently to create and design an environment that is optimal for children’s growth in all areas of developmental while they are playing. We know that learning through “doing” and exploration is the quickest way for the mind to learn a new skill. Each classroom is set up to have a home-like feel that invites play and investigation based on the development level of each child/age. We want the children to feel comfortable and know they are loved to ensure they are set up to receive the best learning they can.
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Summer and Fall Childcare

We offer two different sessions at Extended Love; Summer and Fall. Our summer session coincides with KUSD’s summer vacation. When you live in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin the winters can be long. That is why our summer program focuses on being outside as much as possible! We want the children to enjoy the fresh air and learn through nature and all of the beautiful lessons the Earth has to teach us. If you have a child that is 6 weeks old up to 11 years old, contact us today! We would be happy to give you more information about our summer program.

We also have our fall session that is a year-round curriculum that concentrates on school readiness. Our staff use their knowledge on early childhood best practices to establish the children’s love for learning while gaining new skills to prepare them for school. We compile a portfolio for each child along with assessments, so that you and the staff are always up-to-date on your child’s level of development. We also utilize the “ProCare” communication app to send you photos, journal entries, instant messages, goals, observations, and more! You will get a glimpse of what your child does throughout the day and see how much they are learning.