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Are you looking for a trusted daycare provider in Pleasant Prairie? Extended Love Child Development Center is the daycare you need! Our caring and loving staff are trained to provide the best care possible for your child. We know that no one can love and care for your child as well as you can, but we do our best to be second to you! We treat each child as if they were our own, giving them a safe and healthy environment to play and develop in while we are away.

Our variety of programs is specifically designed to create an age-appropriate environment that will offer your child the engagement and learning opportunities required. Whether you have an infant or a young school-aged child, our staff works diligently to ensure each room is designed to provide optimal and safe environments for learning. We always keep in mind the spectrum of development we cover at Extended Love (emotional, social, physical, and intellectual) while setting up our rooms. We would be happy to give you a tour! Contact us today for more information!

Summer & Fall Daycare Programs

With being a high-quality daycare provider in Pleasant Prairie, we understand that family situations can change as well as timing for when you need daycare. That is why we offer two options for parents to choose from.
Summer Session coincides with the KUSD summer break. With a focus on outdoor time and fostering healthy play, our priority is to promote healthy play habits and socialization. Your babies will enjoy the sprinklers and water tables, as well.
Fall Session focuses on promoting age-appropriate skill development. Our year-round curriculum promotes the best learning practices through disguised play! Wrap-around school care is also available to support your child in a healthy environment before or after school hours.
Learn more about which sessions are available at the foremost daycare in Pleasant Prairie for your child here!
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Our Staff is What Makes Us the Best Daycare Provider in Pleasant Prairie

At Extended Love Child Development Center, we exist with the commitment that “We are an extension of love, from home to school.” Being the best daycare provider in Pleasant Prairie also comes with having the best daycare staff for your children. Our staff is integral in motivating your child in healthy play and fostering a joy for learning throughout their time with us. A good portion of our staff retains Associate’s degrees in Early Childhood Development while others have achieved Bachelor’s degrees. While some are currently college students working towards both education and nursing degrees. No matter which program your child is enlisted in, they are always in the most loving and capable hands at Extended Love. Our team creates flexible curriculums that allow your child to direct how they want to learn with stimulating and fun activities!

A large part of what makes Extended Love the favorite daycare in the area is our staff. When you are choosing the perfect daycare, you’ll want to see for yourself where your child will be learning and growing and will want to meet the professionals who will support you in caring for your child. We’d love to give you a tour of our facility and have you meet our wonderful team! Contact us through the button below